Do You Think It's Wrong To Judge Other People?

Posted on June 26, 2008 by Hye

Do you think that its wrong to judge other people?Why do we judge people? C'mon, let's admit it. All of us already judged other people in one way or another - whether it is giving that girl in the too-tight outfit a crappy glance or talking about people who sometimes make mistakes - it is still judging or criticizing.

So why do we judge other people? Is it because of jealousy? dislike? disappointment? or is it just a human nature - I mean, is it natural or normal to judge people because we are only human?

In my opinion, it is okay to "see" other people mistakes, weaknesses, or imperfections... However, instead of stressing it out and telling it to other people, why not talk to that person straight and honestly, tell her/him what you think about her, and suggest something you believe will make her/him better.

Fair, right? I know it is not easy, but it still the right move. That person may not appreciate your effort, but at least you did what is best for both of you ;0

What do you think?