Letting Go Or No Letting Go

Posted on June 18, 2008 by Hye

letting go quotes letting go poems letting go lyricsFor some people, letting go is so easy. They can say "I'm letting go" so quick - and these are the ones who can easily forgive, let go of the past, and look forward to the future.

In reality, if there are some people who think, believe, and feel the same as above, there are also few who find letting go so hard. They are afraid in:

- letting go of a relationship
- letting go of the past
- letting go of an ex
- letting go of anger
- letting go of disappointments
- letting go of emotional wounds
- letting go of unhealthy relationships
- letting go of an alcoholic (?!?!?)
- letting go of a dying loved one
- letting go of friendship
- letting go of a lover
- letting go of bitterness
- letting go of emotions
- letting go of past hurts
- letting go of shame

Did you ever find it hard to let go any of the above mentioned? Were you able to move on now? Or still dwelling with it?

Personally, I admit there are some things and people I still can't let go. Maybe I was just holding and hoping. Or maybe I was just too afraid to look forward because the past keeps taunting me. I am not sure - or maybe I was just afraid to face the truth.

I know I should let go. It might be hard but I must. I guess the key here is just the right timing. When? I don't know, but I just hope it would be soon.

Any advice?