08 08 08 - Is August 8 2008 A Lucky Day?

Posted on August 8, 2008 by Hye

08 08 08 - Is August 8 2008 A Lucky Day?08/08/08, 080808, 888,8 8 8, 8/8/08, 8808, 8 8 08... These are just some of the combination of today's date - August 8 , 2008.

Many people are saying that today is a lucky day thus a lot chose this date as their wedding day, business opening day, etc. Well, the question is - is 080808 really a lucky day?

Eight to the Chinese culture is a very lucky number. However, August is a ghost month. According to an article I read somewhere, this day is not lucky. This day should not be celebrated for a special occasion like wedding. However, it's an ideal day to pray and enjoy sports - that's the reason the 2008 Summer Olympics was set on 08/08/08.

In my opinion, I think it doesn't matter if today is lucky or not. What matters is "It's up to us how we live our life". If you think today is lucky, then so be it. If not, then go on.

What do you think?