What Does Being A True Leader Means?

Posted on August 4, 2008 by Hye

What Does Being A True Leader Means?To some people, leadership means power and respect. To some, including me, it means responsibility. To you, what does being a leader mean?

Sometimes, there is a misconception that when you are a leader to a certain body or team, you have the power and will gain respect from your subordinates. It is not only visible in public bodies, like our government, it also exists in private companies. For example, some people wanted to be the president - of the country or of a company - just to enjoy these benefits, without really knowing what being a "true" leader means.

I remember some of my officemates in a call center I used to work. Some of them are too thirsty of power that whenever there is a vacancy for a higher position, they apply even though they don't comply with the requirements. Well, I am not discouraging anyone for moving forward. But my point here is that "You should know you are ready to take the higher step because that step requires bigger responsibility."

I know it feels good to be the leader because you'll feel you are higher, respected, bowed, powerful, etc... but isn't it better if you are respected because you are the leader by it's true meaning - not just by word?

Being a leader does not mean blaming your subordinates for the mistakes and faults that happen within your team or taking credits for your own. Being a true leader means being responsible to face blames and give credits to the whole as part of the team. Being a true leader means knowing how to care your team and how to fight for them no matter what.

Now, are you a leader too? How would you describe yourself as a leader?