Do You Blame Others For Your Own Fault?

Posted on August 1, 2008 by Hye

Do You Blame Other People?Have you ever blamed other people - say your little sister/brother or your friend - for faults you know you are the one responsible of? To simplify, did you ever blame others for your own fault?.. at least for once.

Okay, stop denying. Be honest. Don't say no because I won't believe you. If you say no, there is no one you are fooling around except yourself. It's only you who knows yourself well.

I did. Being the eldest daughter, I used to blame my 2-year younger sister for faults I know "it's my own fault". That was when I was young - about ten year old or younger. Now, whenever I remember those times, my guilt always strike back. What was I thinking that time?

Maybe I was afraid for the punishment... maybe I was scared for the consequences... or maybe I was just irresponsible. But in the end, our dad punished me by spanking my butt (hehehe) - even though I blamed my sister. Did my father know it was actually my fault?

Over time, I realized that when you blame other people - or literally point your index finger to someone - your four fingers are pointing back to you. So there's no point of blaming. The lesson: Admit your own fault. Face consequences. Be responsible.