Christmas Seasons: Time for Gifts or Love?

Posted on December 21, 2007 by Hye

Four days to go and it’s already Christmas day. Had you bought your gifts for your love ones already? I haven’t bought my gifts yet, maybe tomorrow. I am still in the process of thinking the best gift to give to my love ones.

Anyway, since it's only 4 days left before Christmas day, I will be covering topics that are related to Christmas until the end of the Holiday season. To my readers, hope you will still keep on dropping by and leaving your feedback. I really appreciate it when you share your opinions about my posts.

Here's another Christmas article. Hope you’ll like it :D

The children in my neighborhood are again singing their Christmas carols. I really can't stop myself from smiling listening at their lyrics. Yesterday, I tell about how children sing the Silent Night carol. Now, I want to share another Christmas carol.

I was watching my favorite TV show awhile ago when I heard group of kids singing in my neighborhood. After singing their song, they were expecting someone to give them coins or candies. But because the house (where they sung a Christmas song) is closed (probably the owner of the house is out), no one gave them anything. So the children sung these lines:

Thank you… thank you… ang babarat ninyo… thank you!
(Translated in English: Thanks for no thanks, selfish people!)

I was just wondering if these kids actually know the real meaning of Christmas. Do they sing Christmas songs from house-to-house expecting for coins and gifts? Or simply just to spread the spirit of Christmas? It looks like they are singing Christmas carols because they are expecting something in return :(