Four Days Left Before Year 2008

Posted on December 27, 2007 by Hye

Wow... it's only four days left before year 2008. Time slips too fast. The last time I checked the calendar was Christmas Day and now, it’s only four days left and it's already New Year's Eve.

Welcome year 2008!!!

Now that we only have only four days for the year 2007, why don’t you make some reflections on what you did for the whole year? Did you influence one’s life in a good or bad way? Did you make your life better or worst? Did you gain or lose friends? Did we hurt or love people? Did you learn new or lose some?

Knowing that you only have four days left for the year 2007, how are you going to spend it? Will you spend it doing some good or bad deeds? Will you use the remaining four days to ask forgiveness to people you hurt both by verbally or emotionally? Will you call your friends and family who are not beside you? Or will you just shrug and say "I don't care." Or maybe, just let these days pass and wait for the year 2008 to settle things down.

What will you do?

Now that you still have four days, why not forgive those people who sinned against you? Why not ask forgiveness to people you had hurt- intentionally or unintentionally? Why not call those people who are physically away from you and tell them how much you care, miss, and love them?

Hug For Love
Why not end this year forgetting the hatred and starting the year 2008 with serenity and peace at heart, by giving, caring, and loving? Why not start the year 2008 forgetting the past and living the present and looking forward to the future? New year, new life… right?

Just a simple thought of mine... :D