New Year Rush With The Tradition

Posted on December 31, 2007 by Hye

Today is the last day of the Year 2007. This means this post is definitely my last post for this year. Since this is already my last post for the year 2007, I want to talk about New Year's tradition. New Year's Eve is very important day in my country. How about yours?

In my country, New Year's Eve, so with Christmas Holiday, is the time for family reunions. Some of my countrymen working abroad always wanted to go home and spend the holiday seasons with their family. Of course, there are instances when they can't, probably because of priceless plane tickets or work demands. However, as long as there is no hassle in going home, they always do.

The gathering of family for the Media Noche or midnight meal is one of the exciting traditions in my country. This is a feast that symbolizes hope for a better and more prosperous New Year. Another tradition is the collection of 12 kinds of different round fruits. It is believed that doing this will also bring more prosperity throughout the year

New Year's Eve is also the time of banging gongs, blowing trumpets, lighting firecrackers and fireworks - just to make noise during this time. We do this every year because of our belief that noise will drive away bad luck and bad spirits.

So, does your country also celebrate New Year’s tradition? Would you like to share yours here?

Happy New Year!