I Received Another Amazing Award

Posted on January 14, 2008 by Hye

After receiving an award recently, I get another amazing and wonderful award from my most kind blogofriend, who is actually one of my active readers here in Space of Reality blog. His name is BlueDreamer :D

It's so nice of you BlueDreamer to include my blog as one of the Interesting Blog. It's my pleasure to receive an award and I really do thank you for finding my blog as interesting.

I'm not good in creating Thank you message during the award ceremony - sorry for that - so I just have to simply say "Thank you". I'm out of words right now, really. It's great to know you, BlueDreamer.

By the way, here's my award:
Interesting Blog
In case you want your blog to be tagged as Interesting Blog, you have to introduce it to BlueDreamer - and who knows, he will also give you an award in the future too. Good luck! I am not sure if I can share this award to my readers so better ask Bluedreamer for your award :D

I'm also thinking of giving an award so watch out for it. Keep reading my blog and who knows, you will be the next winner :D