Where Is The Love?

Posted on February 15, 2008 by Hye

Where Is The LoveI was watching an evening show last Saturday when I was touched by their featured story. I kept on crying from the start until the end of the episode. I don't know what made me cry. Maybe it was because of pity... or anger. I am not sure ;(

I don't know if you also watched this story or not. It is on our local channel called Reporter's Notebook so I guess not everyone watched it. Anyway, the story goes like this. Sorry, I am not a good storyteller but I will try to make the story as is. Please bear with me :D

The episode is about the unforgettable story of an 11-year old girl named Liza. Despite her empty stomach, she still goes through the murky, garbage strewn river everyday to collect plastic and tin cans to sell at the junk shop. She keeps her earnings in her piggy bank… and when the anchor asked why, she simply answered “For my studies”. Liza sees to it that she save five pesos a day for her studies. She is determined to continue going to school, even though her classmates laugh at her because her shoes are filled with holes and her mother says they can no longer afford to send her next year.

You may not be touched by my story, but I am sure you will in case you watch the episode.

Anyway, while watching this story and at the same time crying, I was thinking “Where is the love?” Why are there kids like Liza who have to suffer that way? Was it Liza’s fault? Was it their parents? The government? The society? Who should be blamed? Who is the real victim? It kills my heart when I thought about people who don’t know where to spend their money while there are some people who don’t know where to find money.

I was thinking those thoughts that night and I still do right now. I remember I said before about “Your life is your decision”… but does this apply to kids too? Aren’t they are the victim where they don’t have a choice?

Where is the love?