Love Is Blind

Posted on January 31, 2008 by Hye

You Comment I Follow Remember our topic about Describe Red To A Blind Person? Just asking... The topic just came into my mind after finally decided what topic to discuss today. Our next topic is about Love is Blind. Since we are focusing on topics about love - all kinds of love - as a preparation for the Heart's month, expect that my future posts will solely be about love.

Now, let me share my opinion about love being blind. I usually hear people saying "Love is blind because that girl loves him despite his imperfections"... "Love is blind because he love her inspite of her incapabilities". .. "Love must be blind because he accepted him for whatever she is". Love is blind because parents often not see the faults and mistakes of their children... and so on.

Everytime I hear these sentences...I often disagree. I don't believe in their statement "Love is blind". For me, love is not blind. If love is blind, then one can't see the real person he love. One won't know the real meaning of love.

For me, love is not blind because you saw something in him that other people don't usually see. You saw something in him that other people don't know. Let's take my former neighbor (not my neighbor with noisy and loud karaoke) as an example. He married his wife despite his imperfections and past. My other neighbors often say "It's because he is blind (not literally)".

I think my neighbor who married his imperfect wife is not the one who is blind. I think my neighbors who said "Love is blind" are the one who are actually blind. Why? Because they did not see the things the man saw in his wife which made him marry and love her. They only see what their naked eyes see.

Love is not blind because love is knowing him for whatever he is and accepting it with no regrets :D